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Why WetSpot?

What does WetSpot do?

WetSpot softens hard water. Hard water contains high amounts of suspended minerals. Through an ion exchange, WetSpot removes those minerals, leaving the water soft.

Why should I have soft water on board?

Hardwater deposits leave damaging spots on fiberglass, metal, glass, everywhere! Soft water feels better on the skin and is better for washing dishes and clothes.The same deposits that are left on a boat can also cause damage to interior surfaces like sinks, shower stalls even water pumps!

Why is WetSpot the best portable water softener on the market?

WetSpot is built of the highest quality, marine friendly materials. WetSpot has a 12 Year Warranty! WetSpot works! Ask our customers-they are always happy with their choice! WetSpot is seen on the premier fishing and yachting docks of the world!